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At we love the scrap metal industry and want to help enforce the laws that are associated with it. Since 2013 it has been illegal for buyers of scrap metal to pay in cash. We know that the majority of scrap metal dealers will be abiding by these laws but there will be still some buyers out there choosing to ignore them. By ignoring these laws the image of the industry is being tarnished and revenue is being taken away from the law-abiding scrap metal dealers.

If you know of any scrap metal yards that are offering cash in exchange for scrap metal then please use the form below to report the crime. The form can also be used to report any other crime involving scrap metal. If you have had scrap metal stolen from your premises or know of any scrap metal dealers taking in stolen scrap metal please complete all of the information.

The information will be forwarded on the CrimeStoppers. Let's help to reduce crime and improve the image of the UK scrap metal industry 

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