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About Us is the largest website in the UK for those looking for local scrap metal dealers or scrap metal prices. We currently have over 690 scrap metal and scrap car dealers just a few clicks away.

The scrap metal industry in the UK is worth an estimated £11 billion annually, with over 420,000 tonnes of scrap metal being processed and sold on each year. With the ever-fluctuating metal markets seeing prices go up or down in the blink of an eye, it is beneficial for you to secure the best price for your scrap metal and can help.

We aim to provide an easy to use website that helps you, the customer, find the best service for your needs and the best scrap metal prices available in the UK today. Whether you have a small amount of scrap metal in your garden at home or you are a nationally operating demolition contractor, don't let this valuable resource go to waste – arrange to get the scrap metal collected and get paid!

How to use the Site

How to use the Site

Search HERE by entering either a postcode or a town within the UK, and you will be presented with a wealth of scrap metal dealers in that area, all wanting to pay for your scrap metal. Once the search has been completed, you have the option to use the advanced filters to reduce those results to show only the dealers that offer the services you require:

• Domestic – For members of the public
• Commercial – Large quantities accepted; weighbridge facilities available
• Collection – Collection services offered
• Skips – Skips and containers offered
• Walk-in (scales) – Small scales for weighing small amounts of scrap metal.

The filters can also filter the category of metals accepted and individual metal types.

Once the results have been filtered, you then have the option to search through them and select a scrapyard you like the look of. You can view their opening times, contact information, photographs of the scrapyard and any prices that have been submitted, either by the scrapyard themselves or other visitors.


Check the Prices

Check the Prices

Once you have found the scrap metal yard that seems right for your needs and can offer you the best scrap metal price in that area, it is time to get in touch with them. You can do this by calling them, emailing them, or by pressing the ENQUIRE button. As scrap metal prices can change in an instant, it is crucial to ask for the latest price for the scrap metal you have to sell.

You can then compare this price to the current prices from the London Metal Exchange via our Metals Page. On this page, you will also find descriptions of the most common metals, where they are typically found, and how best to prepare them to ensure you get the best possible price. Higher prices might be offered if you have a larger quantity of scrap metal to sell, so be sure to let the dealer know if you do have more.

The scrap dealer will want to see the condition of the metal, and you may be offered a lower price once they have seen it. To get around this, you could always send some photographs of the metal to the scrap dealer so they can verify its condition before they receive it.

By verifying the condition of the scrap metal and negotiating the price beforehand, you can arrive at the scrapyard safe in the knowledge that your quote is as accurate as possible, as long as you have an idea of the weight.

Collection or Drop it Off...?

Collection or Drop it Off...?

You will now have several options on how to get your scrap metal to the scrapyard, which much depends on the quantity you have. If you have a small amount of non-ferrous, it will pay to drop it off at the scrapyard. If you have large amounts of non-ferrous or ferrous, then it would be beneficial for you to either have a skip delivered to load the metal into at your leisure, or opt for a scrap metal collection service.

Skips can come in a variety of sizes from small, 2yd skips up to large, 40yd skips. It is crucial to check that you have sufficient space available for the skip and that you can accommodate the access requirements of the vehicle delivering it. Check with the scrapyard if you are unsure.

Collection services may involve a grab lorry coming to collect the scrap metal and loading it into the back, or it may mean a small vehicle with the driver loading the materials by hand. Always let the collection service know of the rough quantity of scrap metal you have before booking the collection.

Whichever logistics option you decide to go with, be sure to check for any transportation costs or if "free" collection is offered, any deductions from the scrap metal price.

Getting Paid

Getting Paid

Next for the important part.....#GettingPaid. Those who regularly deal in scrap metal will know that cash for scrap is now illegal. Those out there who may not have scrapped any metal in a few years will need to brush up on the updated laws. The Law page is just the place to start. It has a bullet-pointed explanation of what is and isn't accepted.

You will need to take photographic I.D with you. Always check with the scrap dealer with what is accepted methods of I.D before going. There are no excuses, and you will be turned away if you do not have it with you. 

Payment methods vary from scrap yard to scrap yard. Most of them will either pay you by cheque or BACS payment. Some of the more modern scrap yards ones are now offering payment via top-up debit cards that you can then walk out of the scrapyard with and withdraw the cash instantly. 

Whichever payment method is offered to you be cautious that if you are offered cash it is not only illegal but also a sign of improper trading.

Rate, Like & Share

You have now sold your scrap metal and, thanks to a bit of shopping around, secured the best scrap metal prices. You should now share your experiences with the rest of the UK so that others can get the same great service and the same great prices. If you return to our site and go back to the page of the scrapyard where you sold the metal, there is the option to RATE them (hopefully with five stars!).

It is beneficial for everyone if you also #GetSocial with your experiences via social media, so please post, like and share your experiences via our social media accounts. We will always forward the feedback onto the scrapyards so that they know what they are great at and where they may need a quick polish up.

Feedback, whether good or bad, always helps scrapyards to give superior service. By being active in providing feedback, we can help to improve the UK’s scrap metal industry for everyone who is a part of it… #HappyScrapper.