What Are the Scrap Metal Prices for November 2019 in the UK

Posted 27th November, 2019

LME Scrap Metal Prices

Christmas 2019 is a few short weeks away and with a general election coming before then on the 12th of December what the trading prices are doing on the London Metal Exchange?

The aluminium price has been flat for a few days now. That is after that steep drop at the beginning of the month.

The copper price has been dipping around a lot across the month with two days of growth followed by a $17 per tonne drop yesterday.


Now lead has been the metal hit the most over November. As you can see from the graph, it has been free-falling all month. Not much chance of any sort of recovery here between now and the end of the year. Not bad news for everyone though as it is undoubtedly going to make the theft of lead from church roofs less appealing.


Scrap Yard Scrap Metal Prices

As the scrap metal industry starts to wind down on the approach to Christmas what scrap prices are being offered by our local scrap yards?

It's a very competitive time of year as local scrap yards will be wanting to the end the year with record amounts of scrap in their books.
As a seller, it is more important than ever to check those prices locally before selling your scrap metal.

Here are the latest non-ferrous scrap metal prices being paid in the last week of November throughout the UK. If you are receiving anything different to these, then please go to our social media pages and share. 

Copper Wire (Dry Bright)

£3870 - £4270

Copper Tube (New)

£3670 - £4020 per tonne

Copper Cylinders

£3100 - £3500 per tonne

Copper Braziery

£2830 - £3290 per tonne

Mixed Brass

£2060 - £2410 per tonne

Household Cable

£1090 - £1310 per tonne


£1240 - £1325 per tonne


£370 - £520 per tonne

Alloy Wheels

£740 - £910 per tonne

Copper/Aluminium Rads

£1270 - £1620 per tonne

Stainless Steel

£550 - £730 per tonne


£550 - £680 per tonne

Electric Motors

£230 - £410 per tonne


Coming Soon

If you are interested in comparing these prices to those at the beginning of the year you can see what they were HERE

We will be doing an overall November review next week to look at the highs and the lows of the scrap metal prices from across the whole month. We will also be taking a look at what is happening the world of scrap metal and how we think the general election may affect the scrap metal industry. 



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