We Buy Any Car....But Scrap Yards Pay More

Posted 1st December, 2019

A family member of mine had an old car that they wanted to dispose of. The car was from 2002 and had recently been written off in a small prang that had dented the door. Seeing as We Buy Any Car is a brand that jumps to mind when you have a car to sell, they went through the process of getting an online quote.

Filling everything out online, explaining the conditioning and the fact that it was a write off the car was quoted at being worth just over £400. I went along with the family member to the prefabricated office, which was in a car park behind a storage warehouse to collect them after they had sold the car.

The employee from We Buy Any Car proceeded to look around the car before inviting us into the office. For the next few minutes, they went through their PC, filling out a form on his PC regarding the condition of the vehicle. I could see as he was typing that the original quoted £400 was getting lower and lower. He kept typing until the price landed at a mere £50. He went on to explain that due to the condition, the vehicle could only be offered the minimum "scrap value" which to them was £50. That's quite a big drop from the quoted amount an 87% drop in value to be precise.



We ended up driving away, knowing that we could get a better than that from a scrapyard. After a few days, we took the car to our local scrap yard that was offering the most at the time. The offer from the scrap yard was £135. That is a rather impressive 170% increase on what was offered by We Buy Any Car.

I wonder if this happens a lot at We Buy Any Car and out of the times that this occurs how many people will take the drastically low offer out of pure frustration and inability to take the vehicle away again.


How to Sell A Scrap Car

If you have a car that you is old and destined for the scrap heap, instead of going through the lengthy process of getting it priced, making the appointment and then being disappointed. Take it to your scrap yard and get them to give an offer that more accurately represents its scrap value. In this case, a rather impressive 170% increase over the offer made by We Buy Any Car.

Always Take The Following With You

- The log book
- photo ID (you need this to sell any scrap metal)
- Payment details. Most scrap yards pay by BACS but some still may offer a cheque or even a pre loaded cash card. (physical cash is illegal)

Always make sure you take all of your belongings from the car before you get to the scrap yard. Check the boot and under the seats for anything personnel that may have slipped down there. 

Note: Please always check scrap metal prices when selling any scrap metal or cars and you should always get more than one price before selling.


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