Scrap Metal Survey 2019

Posted 27th February, 2020

We have been asking as many people as possible from around the UK complete this survey so we can get an understanding as to what the scrap metal sellers and buyers have thought of certain issues affecting the industry in 2019.

The survey is broken into three sections;

1: Political Issues
2: Selling Scrap Metal
3: Buying Scrap Metal

 The results are in and are displayed via the following graphs. 


Political Issues



Questions to Sellers of Scrap Metal





Questions to Buyers of Scrap Metal


The most common answer we received to this question was that the biggest issue affecting their business was unlicensed and illegal buyers forcing down prices and taking business away from the licensed yards. 





Political Issues

A third of people that completed the survey thought that Brexit had affected the industry with another third saying that maybe it had. The most popular reason for this was the level of uncertainty.

When asked if following the general election prices would go up or down a third thought they go up with a third saying that they thought maybe the prices would go up. The results are in on that one and we now know the prices have taken a bit of a hit in January. 


Scrap Metal Sellers Questions

66% of people that had completed the survey had made over 50 separate visits to a scrapyard of the year. 50% said that they chose the scrapyard due to its location to their location with the other 50% saying they had chosen one they had used before. Nobody chose the option that said that they shopped around for the best prices. 

50% said they didn't even call the scrapyard to check the prices. In reality, you are going tot urn up to the scrapyard and make the sale regardless of the price being offered. Would you do this if you were selling a car? take the first offer without first knowing what its market value is?

83% of scrap sellers said that they would be more inclined to visit a scrap yard if they displayed their prices on their website. I would say that is worth looking at. 83% of people not coming to your business due to you not displaying your prices. 


Scrap Metal Buyer Questions

A full 100% of scrap metal buyers said that 2019 was worse for them than 2018. The main reason recorded for this was that they are too many unlicensed traders in the market and this is taking business away from them and driving prices down. 

100% of scrap yards said that they do not display their prices on their website. We have asked this question scrap yards before and have received the following reasons;

- The prices change too frequently

- The prices depend greatly on the grade that is received

- They don't want other scrap yards knowing their prices. 


Sellers/consumers want transparency in a rade of money fo goods. Just like they do when they purchase anything. How many times have you been in a shop and check the price of something in store against an online price? people don't want to walk away feeling they have received a bad deal. 

We have the perfect platform here for you to display your prices. Just send them to us daily, weekly or however frequently you need to and we can display them on your listing for you. 

The people want this to happen. 83% is not a small proportion and a large number of customers potentially avoiding your business due to lack of transparency. Email or call us to start displaying your prices on our website. Remember its free. 


Thank You

A big thank you to everyone that completed the survey over the last two months. Let us hope that the remainder of 2020 is prosperous for us all. 





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