Scrap Metal Prices December 2019

Posted 13th December, 2019

One week to go until the Christmas break is upon us. For a lot of people, this next coming week will be the last period to sell their scrap metal before the new year. The prices below are the average scrap metal prices being offered around the UK. Make sure that your prices sit within or even better these averages. If you are being offered less than these, please be sure to search through our website in your area. There may be a scrap yard just a few miles away that is offering a better deal.

There has been some positive movement across the London Metal Exchange prices over the last week. The steel prices have seen some real positive growth since the start of the month, with a 12% climb from the end of November. 



The next best mover in December has been the copper prices. There has been a 4.8% climb, which is a contrast from the lack of movement in November.

There has even been some growth within the scrap lead prices. Lead has been one of the worst performers of the year but over the last 5 days we have seen a 2.8% climb.


Scrap Yard Ferrous Prices 

Light Iron

£105 - £120 per tonne

Scrap Cars

£80 - £85 per tonne

Steel Rebar

£120 - £155 per tonne

Oversize P&G

£150 - £175 per tonne

5ft P&G

£160 - £185 per tonne


Scrap Yard Non-Ferrous Prices

Copper Wire (Dry Bright)

£3910 - £4270 per tonne

Copper Tube (New)

£3700 - £4210 per tonne

Copper Cylinders

£3130 - £3510 per tonne

Copper Braziery

£2860 - £3280 per tonne

Mixed Brass

£2100 - £2490 per tonne

Household Cable

£1100 - £1310 per tonne


£1125 - £1295 per tonne


£410 - £540 per tonne

Alloy Wheels

£770 - £910 per tonne

Copper/Aluminium Rads

£1300 - £1650 per tonne

Stainless Steel

£520 - £720 per tonne


£510 - £550 per tonne

Electric Motors

£240 - £410 = 340 per tonne


Next week we will be releasing our 2019 scrap metal prices review where we look back across the year at the highs and lows and talk about our predictions for the new year. We the election over and Brexit looking to be over in January confidence should be restored by February. 



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