Scrap Chat Episode 3

Posted 26th September, 2018


We are back with episode 3 of the Scrap Chat podcast. In this episode, we review the scrap metal prices from last week. Was there any positive movement? Or has it been another flat trading week?.  We talk about that this week is the 15th annual Recycle Week and discuss the recent experiment we completed. Finally, we talk about a UK Steel Innovation Day conference being held in the Science Museum in London this week. We will be there and will be tweeting throughout the day.

We are still looking for contributors to the show. If you are a scrap metal dealer, scrap metal customer, supplier or have anything scrap related to talk about we are interested to hear from you. 

If you would like to be a part of the show, please reach out to me on any of our social media channels. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We also love to hear your feedback, so please leave any comments regarding the show.

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Scrap Chat Episode 3

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