Premium Listing Avaliable

Posted 15th January, 2019

What is A Premium Listing?

From today we are launching the Premium Listing feature on our website. This will help the 3000 monthly users of our site to choose your company over the others in the search results.

We all know and understand the importance of a strong online presence. Everyone is online, whether it be glued to our smartphones, tablets or desktop we search for everything online. Scrap metal sellers are no different they want to search online and they will be drawn to a sharp professional looking site.

This is why we have developed the Premium Listing feature to help you stand out from the rest. For a small annual fee of less than £1 per day, you will have secure access to our member's area where you can populate your own listing with the information you are most proud about your business with. You will have access to the following features;

 - Your own secure username and password to log in to your own page
 - The ability to have your own logo as your map pin once a search has been completed. 
 - You will be bumped up the results list above the standard listings.
 - Add multiple areas of text to your page, describing your business and the services you offer. You also have the ability to add backlinks to your own website in the text. This is one of the key tasks when driving traffic to    your own website for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
 - You can update your own scrap metal prices as frequently as you like.
 - Change company information like opening hours and the kinds of metals or services you offer.
 - Add multiple images of your scrap yard or promotional graphics you have created for any special offers or drives you are currently running.


Special Offer

For a limited time, the first 25 scrap yards to sign up to the Premium Listing will get a complimentary photo shoot and blog post. What you get with this special offer is;

 - A visit to your premises and professional looking photographs taken to either use on your new Premium Listing, your own website or social media sites. The photographs are yours to use however you like.

 - We will talk to your staff and get information regarding your business and anything exciting that is going on within the company. This information will then be used to write a tailored blog post.

 - We will post this blog post on our website and share it across our social media accounts for all to see.

For less than £1 a day you can have a premium listing for the entire year with no commitment at the end of the year. That is less than the price of a coffee and it could help drive some of the 3000 monthly users of our site through your door and onto your scales.


How Do I Sign Up?

All these features and the special offer are for £350 +VAT for a 12 Months Premium Listing. That's less than £1 per day.

To find out more please email us on and we will email you back or call you if you would prefer.


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