Scrap Chat With The Scrap Metal Dealer's Association

Posted 15th September, 2019

Gillian Temple is the President of the Scrap Metal Dealer's Association. Who else better to ask for an opinion of the state of the scrap metal industry in the UK. We put ten questions to the industry veteran to get an understanding of what is happening out there and what is on the mind of the scrap dealers that are a part of the association.  If you are interested in more information on the Scrap Metal dealers Association then we encourage... read more

Scrap Metal Dealer's Association Membership

Posted 10th September, 2019

We are excited to announce that we are now affiliate members with the Scrap Metal Dealer's Association (SMDA). The SMDA exist to provide protection, education, guidance and support to everyone that is licensed under the 2013 Metal Scrap Dealers Act. We will be interviewing key individuals at the SMDA over the coming weeks on various industry topics. Topics such as; How the UK scrap industry is doing today? What are the problems facing the industry in today's turbulent market, and what... read more

A Quick History of Our Industry

Posted 8th September, 2019

A Quick History of Our Industry is a compelling look back across the UK scrap metal industry over the last 100 years. It covers everything from the industry as portrayed in popular culture, the political changes for the industry and how the Scrap Metal Dealers Association was formed to look after the scrap metal dealers of UK. To give them advice and to represent them when they needed it the most.   A Quick History of Our Industry   In the years of flower... read more

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