New Year Offer Yule Want

Posted 20th December, 2019

Yule not want to miss out on this offer for the new year. We all know that 2019 has not been the best year for scrap metal prices. The recent survey that we put out says that 100% of scrap buyers and sellers think 2019 was worse than in 2018. (you can take the short survey HERE). Because of this, your business could do with a bit of a boost at the start of 2020. How does starting 2020 with more people... read more

Scrap Metal Prices December 2019

Posted 13th December, 2019

One week to go until the Christmas break is upon us. For a lot of people, this next coming week will be the last period to sell their scrap metal before the new year. The prices below are the average scrap metal prices being offered around the UK. Make sure that your prices sit within or even better these averages. If you are being offered less than these, please be sure to search through our website in your area. There... read more

We Buy Any Car....But Scrap Yards Pay More

Posted 1st December, 2019

A family member of mine had an old car that they wanted to dispose of. The car was from 2002 and had recently been written off in a small prang that had dented the door. Seeing as We Buy Any Car is a brand that jumps to mind when you have a car to sell, they went through the process of getting an online quote. Filling everything out online, explaining the conditioning and the fact that it was a write off... read more

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