February Scrap Prices Review

Posted 2nd March, 2019

February has come to an end and it's time to look back across to see how some of the most common metals have moved within the LME. China, The USA, and Brexit are all still causing a certain amount of uncertainty so although there have been some very positive movements in February these are likely to be short-lived. By the end of this month, we could be out of the EU and ongoing trade talks between the USA and China... read more

Scrap Yard Prices February Week 4

Posted 27th February, 2019

The LME has been spiking a bit recently but over the last couple of days, prices have been dipping slightly. This paired with a strong Pound against the Dollar has meant that the prices have dipped a little. Some scrap yards have updated their prices twice this week already. New copper tube is seeing the biggest spread with up to £560 difference per tonne. Copper Wire (Dry Bright) £4230 - £4720 Copper Tube (Clean) £4080 - £4640 Copper Tanks £3420 - £3920 Copper (Braziery) £3220 - £3710 Brass (Mixed) £2650 - £3230 Household... read more

Scrap Yard Prices February 2019

Posted 18th February, 2019

The LME reported that Aluminium was down 1.2% last week. Lead prices were down a similar 1.3%. Copper was down 2.2% across the week. These percentage changes have meant that scrap yards have issued reduced prices from today. These are some of the non-ferrous scrap metal prices being throughout the UK this week. We had a request from one of our followers to post some prices for alloy wheels and lead batteries. If you would like to see any other prices... read more