Six Month Scrap Price Review

Posted 4th July, 2019

Here we are at the halfway point of 2019 and time to have a look at what everyone will likely say has been one of the toughest periods in the last few years. Before we look at the reasons for the recent spell of industry hardship lets, look at how the prices have fared over the previous six months and compare those with prices of recent years. Aluminium The aluminium price had been on a steep decline for the last eight months... read more

Visiting LCM Scrap Company

Posted 2nd June, 2019

We were recently invited to visit LCM Scrap Company at their Edmonton branch, to have a look at their new frag machine, which was up and running and working hard. For those who don't know, a frag or fragmentiser is a kind of shredder or grinder. It grinds up the scrap metal into a product that would have been transported to a British foundry in the past. These days most of the frag is exported out to countries such as China... read more

What is Happening Out There?

Posted 15th May, 2019

What is happening with the scrap metal prices? what is causing them to be at lows not seen since February? Will, there be an improvement over the coming weeks? These are just some of the questions that are being asked and we will try our best to give some clarification on what is happening.   What is happening with the scrap metal prices?   To the scrap industry and people that sell scrap, it will be no breaking news to hear that the prices... read more

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