March Scrap Prices Review

Posted 1st April, 2019

March has ended and the first quarter of 2019 is behind us. Not a huge amount of movement in the markets this month. Steel has ended on no change after bouncing around a bit. Lead was the biggest mover but not in the right direction with over a 6% drop.

Aluminium $1893 – $1899 = +0.3%

The lowest point across the month that it reached was $1829 per tonne, with highest point being $1922 per tonne. The metal which has suffered massivley for some time now, started the year at $1857 and since the massive dip mid Jan the price has been on a steady incline.

Copper $6535 – $6484 = -0.8%

The lowest point of March for the metal was $6327 per tonne with the highest point being $6570. The metal started the year at $5838 and has been on a reasonably steep upward slope until the beginning of March, where the upward slope levelled out.

Lead $2153 – $2021 = -6.1%

It's lowest point of the month was $1977 per tonne with the highest point of $2153 being what the month opened on. It started the year on $1974 climbed steadily toward the end of Jan before dipping again. Climbed again at the beginning of March before dropping to its current position #erratic

Steel $320 – $320 = No Change

Steel opened the month on $320 per tonne before climbing to its highest point of $327 within the first week. The lowest point of the month was $316. There was then a period of no movement before falling off rapidly mid-month. Not much movement across the month since that $41 climb at the beginning of Feb.

We have a couple of new features on our website that have just gone live. The first is a reporting feature. This reporting from can be used to report metal theft and also to report scrap yards that are offering cash payments. Cash payments for scrap metal have been illegal since 2013. Although the vast majority of scrap metal buyers will be abiding by these laws there will still be some that don’t’, which has a negative impact on the scrap metal industry.

The second addition to the site is we are now displaying average prices being offered by scrap metal yards across the UK. These prices are displayed at the top of the homepage and are updated as prices are reported to us.


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