February Scrap Prices Review

Posted 2nd March, 2019

February has come to an end and it's time to look back across to see how some of the most common metals have moved within the LME. China, The USA, and Brexit are all still causing a certain amount of uncertainty so although there have been some very positive movements in February these are likely to be short-lived. By the end of this month, we could be out of the EU and ongoing trade talks between the USA and China are ongoing.


The copper market has had a great start to the year. The soft, orange metal started at $6097 per tonne and ended February on $6535 per tonne That is an extremely impressive 7.2% increase. The lowest it hit last month was $6067 per tonne with the highest point being $6545.


The Aluminium market was very erratic in January this year. February has seen a similar trend. It started at $1871 per tonne and ended at $1892. That's a 1.1% increase across the month. The lowest it hit was $182 with the highest point being $1898.


The lead market had a great January with a steady climb across the month. That climb has continued through February. The metal started the month at $2090 per tonne before ending on $2153. That's an increase of 3% across the month. The lowest it hit was $2001


The steel market didn't move too much in either direction across January, then on the last day of the month, the price shot up by $30 a tonne. February started at $330 before ending the month on $320. That's a 3% fall across the month. The lowest it reached was $318 per tonne with the highest it got to was $335.

The month of March is going to be a crucial one for not only the UK markets but also the global market. Be sure to check our social media sites as this is where we post all of the news as we hear it. We are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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