Christmas Scrapping

Posted 25th November, 2018

With Black Friday over and only four weeks until Christmas, it is the perfect time to rummage around for some scrap metal you may have lying around. Get in the garden, clear out that shed and sort through the garage. You will be surprised at the amount of scrap metal you might find.

With some scrap yards in the UK offering £125 per tonne for light iron, those old bikes, lawnmowers, and shelving rusting away could help pay for your Christmas lunch.

The following list of items is just some of the things that you may find and the prices that are being offered for them throughout the UK. Please remember always to ensure you get the best price and check for any collection charges before you finalise the deal.

* Prices vary across the UK and the different scrap yards. The below prices were being offered across the UK as of 25/11/18. Prices also vary according to quantity, grade and whether it is collected or not.


Light Iron - £125 per tonne (£0.12 per KG)

Garden tools
Car parts

Copper Tube – £4445 per tonne (£4.38 per KG)

Gas pipe
Water pipe

Household Copper Cable – £1370 (£1.35 per KG)

Any household wire

Brass – £3115 per tonne (£3.07 per KG)

Plumbing fittings
Old taps
Stair Treads
Bannister rails

Aluminium – £700 per tonne (£0.69 per KG)

Window frames
Door frames

Lead – £1310 per tonne (£1.29 per KG)

Roof flashing
Water pipes
Roof sheets

Stainless Steel – £755 per tonne (£0.74 per KG)

Plumbing supplies
Kitchen equipment
Draining boards


Once you have collected yourself a pile of scrap metal, use our search field to search in your area. Remember scrap yards do offer a collections service so there is no need to get them into your car. If you are unsure of the type of scrap metal you have found, you can send us some pictures and we can help you identify it. Good luck in your search and Happy Christmas Scrapping. 



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