Scrap Metal Dealer's Association Membership

Posted 10th September, 2019

We are excited to announce that we are now affiliate members with the Scrap Metal Dealer's Association (SMDA). The SMDA exist to provide protection, education, guidance and support to everyone that is licensed under the 2013 Metal Scrap Dealers Act. We will be interviewing key individuals at the SMDA over the coming weeks on various industry topics. Topics such as; How the UK scrap industry is doing today? What are the problems facing the industry in today's turbulent market, and what... read more

Premium Listing Avaliable

Posted 15th January, 2019

What is A Premium Listing? From today we are launching the Premium Listing feature on our website. This will help the 3000 monthly users of our site to choose your company over the others in the search results. We all know and understand the importance of a strong online presence. Everyone is online, whether it be glued to our smartphones, tablets or desktop we search for everything online. Scrap metal sellers are no different they want to search online and they will... read more

Christmas Scrapping

Posted 25th November, 2018

With Black Friday over and only four weeks until Christmas, it is the perfect time to rummage around for some scrap metal you may have lying around. Get in the garden, clear out that shed and sort through the garage. You will be surprised at the amount of scrap metal you might find. With some scrap yards in the UK offering £125 per tonne for light iron, those old bikes, lawnmowers, and shelving rusting away could help pay for your Christmas... read more