Visiting LCM Scrap Company

Posted 2nd June, 2019

We were recently invited to visit LCM Scrap Company at their Edmonton branch, to have a look at their new frag machine, which was up and running and working hard. For those who don't know, a frag or fragmentiser is a kind of shredder or grinder. It grinds up the scrap metal into a product that would have been transported to a British foundry in the past. These days most of the frag is exported out to countries such as China... read more

Weighing in on Weighbridges - Things You Should Know

Posted 29th May, 2018

Weighbridges are used in many industries. They are the chosen piece of equipment for monitoring the weights of all manners of materials bought and sold throughout the world. The scrap metal industry is one of the industries that use weighbridges. Due to scrap metal being sold by weight, (kg or tonne) if you go to a scrap yard you are highly likely to come across one. With this in mind, we wanted to talk to some experts in the field... read more

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