Scrap Metal Prices December 2019

Posted 13th December, 2019

One week to go until the Christmas break is upon us. For a lot of people, this next coming week will be the last period to sell their scrap metal before the new year. The prices below are the average scrap metal prices being offered around the UK. Make sure that your prices sit within or even better these averages. If you are being offered less than these, please be sure to search through our website in your area. There... read more

What Are the Scrap Metal Prices for November 2019 in the UK

Posted 27th November, 2019

LME Scrap Metal Prices Christmas 2019 is a few short weeks away and with a general election coming before then on the 12th of December what the trading prices are doing on the London Metal Exchange? The aluminium price has been flat for a few days now. That is after that steep drop at the beginning of the month. The copper price has been dipping around a lot across the month with two days of growth followed by a $17 per tonne drop... read more

Scrap Metal Prices November 2019

Posted 17th November, 2019

The festive season is fastly approaching with the end of 2019 following shortly after. Be sure to check out our end of year review which will be coming in December. For now, though let's take a look at the average scrap metal prices being offered around the UK this week. The average prices are actual scrap prices that are being offered around the UK today. When selling scrap metal always be sure to phone around for the best price as the... read more

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