Augest Scrap Prices Review

Posted 3rd September, 2019

Summer is coming to an end, and the leaves have started to turn. This marks the sign of the end of the year fastly approaching and what can be for the scrap metal industry the slowest time of year. Before we talk about the final four months of 2019, let's have a look back across August to see what has been happening, why it has been happening and what is in store for the remainder of the year. Copper The copper market started... read more

March Scrap Prices Review

Posted 1st April, 2019

March has ended and the first quarter of 2019 is behind us. Not a huge amount of movement in the markets this month. Steel has ended on no change after bouncing around a bit. Lead was the biggest mover but not in the right direction with over a 6% drop. Aluminium $1893 – $1899 = +0.3% The lowest point across the month that it reached was $1829 per tonne, with highest point being $1922 per tonne. The metal which has suffered massivley... read more

Scrap Prices Being Offered March 2019

Posted 13th March, 2019

Tariff talks are ongoing between the US and China with no real indication as to when these talks are going to be concluded. There are rumors of the two global leaders meeting toward the end of this month. Once this news breaks, we will let you know what is said. The Pound Sterling is up against the Dollar. A 2.3% climb over the last 5 days is having an effect on the scrap prices. LME Update for this week – Aluminium down... read more