Scrap Metal Prices January 2020

Posted 16th January, 2020

2019 wasn't a year for the record books (not in a positive way anyway), but for the first two weeks of 2020, we have seen some positive movement in the non-ferrous prices. These movements are mainly down to some progressive negotiations between the US and China, coupled with sterling strengthening against the dollar. Ferrous (steel) prices did have a bit of upward movement, but this has been wiped off of the last day. Let's have a look at the average scrap... read more

2019 Scrap Metal Prices Review

Posted 30th December, 2019

2019, the year of the pig is coming to an end. In a few days, time Christmas will be a distant memory, and the U.K. will be heading back to work. It is no shocking news that 2019 has not been the best year in recent memory for scrap metal prices. Anyone following the industry and buying/selling scrap metal throughout the year will be aware that prices have dropped severely. Both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals have been effected. Let's have... read more

Scrap Metal Prices December 2019

Posted 13th December, 2019

One week to go until the Christmas break is upon us. For a lot of people, this next coming week will be the last period to sell their scrap metal before the new year. The prices below are the average scrap metal prices being offered around the UK. Make sure that your prices sit within or even better these averages. If you are being offered less than these, please be sure to search through our website in your area. There... read more

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