Scrap Metal Survey 2019

Posted 27th February, 2020

We have been asking as many people as possible from around the UK complete this survey so we can get an understanding as to what the scrap metal sellers and buyers have thought of certain issues affecting the industry in 2019. The survey is broken into three sections; 1: Political Issues2: Selling Scrap Metal3: Buying Scrap Metal  The results are in and are displayed via the following graphs.    Political Issues     Questions to Sellers of Scrap Metal         Questions to Buyers of Scrap Metal   The most common answer we... read more

What's Happening in The Scrap Car/ELV Industry?

Posted 21st November, 2019

What is the future for the scrap car/ELV industry? Are electric cars affecting the industry? What global issues are affecting the scrap car market? To answer these questions, we sought after a professional opinion.Our professional of choice was Haydn Davies, Editor of ATF. We got together for an interview to get answers to some of the questions affecting the ELV/Scrap Car industry in 2019. ‚óŹ What does ATF stand for, and what does it mean for the car scrappage industry? ATF stands... read more

Scrap Chat With The Scrap Metal Dealer's Association

Posted 15th September, 2019

Gillian Temple is the President of the Scrap Metal Dealer's Association. Who else better to ask for an opinion of the state of the scrap metal industry in the UK. We put ten questions to the industry veteran to get an understanding of what is happening out there and what is on the mind of the scrap dealers that are a part of the association.  If you are interested in more information on the Scrap Metal dealers Association then we encourage... read more

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