What is Happening Out There?

Posted 15th May, 2019

What is happening with the scrap metal prices? what is causing them to be at lows not seen since February? Will, there be an improvement over the coming weeks? These are just some of the questions that are being asked and we will try our best to give some clarification on what is happening.   What is happening with the scrap metal prices?   To the scrap industry and people that sell scrap, it will be no breaking news to hear that the prices... read more

US & China Trade Talks

Posted 4th December, 2018

G20 Update - The news we have all been waiting for in the scrap metal industry. An agreement in both nations reaching an agreement. Albeit a temporary one. Any story at the moment is good news. A 90-day cease-fire to the so-called 'Trade War' which is os going to boost scrap prices over the next three months and we have been seeing evidence of that over the last couple of days. Trump was planning on further raises to tariffs but during... read more

UK Steel Innovation Day

Posted 28th September, 2018

Today we attended the first UK Steel Innovation Day, which was held at the best venue for a conference such as this the Science Museum, London. The museum showcases across all the floors the greatest innovations that man has dreamt up and delivered across the centuries. Whether it be a steam engine, horse carriage, spacecraft or motor car, they were all once the innovative idea of someone looking to solve a problem. The 150-year-old UK steel industry is awash with problems…..... read more