Scrap Metal Prices January 2019

Posted 21st January, 2019

It is the start of the third week in January, and the disaster which was the 2018 scrap metal markets is all but a distant memory. After a little bit of a shaky, uncertain start over the last few weeks, the markets are creeping up. Copper has shown the most positive climb out of the most common scrap metals over the last week. The steel market which nose-dived on the last day of 2018 has shown a gradual upward slope... read more

Premium Listing Avaliable

Posted 15th January, 2019

What is A Premium Listing? From today we are launching the Premium Listing feature on our website. This will help the 3000 monthly users of our site to choose your company over the others in the search results. We all know and understand the importance of a strong online presence. Everyone is online, whether it be glued to our smartphones, tablets or desktop we search for everything online. Scrap metal sellers are no different they want to search online and they will... read more

Scrap Metal Prices 2019

Posted 3rd January, 2019

Happy New Year everyone. 2019 is upon us it’s time to let you know of some of the scrap metal prices that are being reported to us throughout the UK this week. The markets have opened down on what they closed on at the end of 2018 so nothing too exciting to report. However, there is still a large spread across the metals and shopping around for the best price is extremely important. Follow us on our social media (Facebook, Twitter,... read more