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Overview of Tin

Tin is a basic chemical metal found on the periodic table it tends to be silvery white in colour and is favoured over other metals for its superb anti corrosion properties and its ability to coat other metals extremelly well. The most common example of this is it being used to coat steel sheets and then formed into food storage cans.

What is Tin

The use of Tin dates back to around 3500 B.C. in what is now the country Turkey, where it was first mined and where the first processes were developed. Ancient metalworkers learned that by combining the relatively soft copper with tin to form a much more solid bronze, which could be made into all sorts of useful things like tools for farming, manufacturing and weapons for more advanced warfare.

Tin is one of the least common of the metals found in the earths crust. This goes to show why tin is say far more valuable than say a more common metal like lead.

Some useful facts about Tin taken from SoftSchools.com:

  • The symbol for tin comes from the Latin word stannum, which was known to be an alloy of lead and silver.
  • It is the 49th most common element in the Earth's crust.
  • The crust contains around two parts per million of tin.
  • Early craftsmen found tin too soft to work with, but when it was alloyed with copper, bronze was formed.
  • The earliest artifacts made from bronze had such a low tin content (less than 2%) that it is believed to have been accidental.

For more information on Tin please follow THIS LINK to TheMadeHow.com website. Their website is full of lots of information regarding the material. We recently visited a Cornish tin mine and found out a great deal regarding the history of tinmining in the UK. You can read that story HERE.

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