Current Steel Scrap Prices & Metal Description

Overview of Steel Scrap

It is a fundamental resource for the construction of practically all types of buildings, and necessary building parts, such as reinforcing bars for concrete, suspension cables, cladding, structural steels (RSJ's) and roofing applications like purlings, joists and beams.

What is Steel

In packaging steel is used to make steel bands that hold pallets of products and materials together. Used to make crates and protective cases of fragile products and equipment.

Steel is also fundamental to the transport industry, where it is ubiquitous in car bodies, engine components, wheels, trains, railway tracks, trucks, ships and engines. Steel alloys like stainless steel are also very popular in domestic settings due to its high wearablity and light weight. Sinks, fridges, washing machines, showers, taps etc.

The negatives of steel is that it is very heavy, which makes it unsuitable if the product you are making needs to be light. Being a ferrous metal it also is highly susceptible to rust. To prevent the rust from forming the steel needs to be treated by painting it or covering it in cladding. This helps to reduce the oxygen from attacking the steel and the rust forming.

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