Copper prices and further information

Overview of Copper

Copper is a very soft, non-ferrous metal which is usualy an orange/gold like colour in its natural state. It can be painted or covered with insulation so may not always be easily identified. Copper is used for many things, including, piping for water and gas, hot water tanks, electrical wiring and as sheeting for roofs. The value for copper varies grately dependant on which product or material it has been used in. Always chaeck with scrap dealer to get the most accurate price.

What is Copper

Copper has proven to be amongst the earliest metals used by humans. Evidence found all over the world indicate that it was used to make utensils, jewellery, and weapons by our ancestors. The metal is highly ductile, meaning that it can be easily worked and pulled to form different shapes and even into wire. It also conducts heat and electricity well, explaining its very popular use in electronics and wiring. Copper has great antimicrobial properties and kills bacteria and viruses on contact.

For cultures which had minimal or crude metalworking abilities, it would have been easy to shape into whatever they were looking to make. Many early alloys usually had a high copper content.
In its natural occurring home, copper is rarely found in pure form. It is compounded with other elements, and the material must be processed before it can be sold. This can lead to very concerning environmental problems, especially when mining companies do not use environmentally friendly ways to dispose of the excess chemicals. These chemicals can be dumped into the ground or water courses which can have disastrous effects on the surrounding environment and wildlife.

For more information on Copper please follow THIS LINK to the Live Science website. Their website is full of lots of information regarding the material.

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