Aluminium Alloy prices and further information

Overview of Aluminium Alloy

Aluminium alloys are alloys of metals where aluminium makes up the biggest proportion. The typical metals that are mixed with aluminium are Copper, Zinc, Tin and Magnesium. One of the most common items made from aluminium alloys is bicycle frames. This helps to keep the weight down but to help strengthen the otherwise soft aluminium.

What is Aluminium Alloy

An alloy is a blend of two or more metals. The blend can form a solid solution or it can be a simple mixture, depending on the size of the crystals that form and how homogeneous the alloy is.

One of the biggest industries that use Aluminium Alloy is the aerospace industry. This has been the case since the introduction of metal skinned aeroplanes. 

For more information on Aluminium Alloys please follow THIS LINK to Wikipedia. Their website is full of lots of information regarding the material.

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