Average Reported Scrap Yard Prices
Light Iron £70 Updated 16-02-2020
Scrap Cars £82 Updated 13-12-2019
Steel Rebar £110 Updated 16-02-2020
Oversized P&G £132 Updated 16-02-2020
5ft P&G £145 Updated 16-02-2020
Copper Wire (Bright) £3960 Updated 16-02-2020
Copper Tube (New) £3797 Updated 16-02-2020
Copper Cylinders £3197 Updated 16-02-2020
Copper Braziery £2927 Updated 16-02-2020
Mixed Brass £2277 Updated 16-02-2020
Household Wire £1183 Updated 16-02-2020
Lead £1183 Updated 16-02-2020
Aluminium £493 Updated 16-02-2020
Alloy Wheels £857 Updated 16-02-2020
Copper/Aluminium Rads £1493 Updated 16-02-2020
Stainless Steel £653 Updated 16-02-2020
Batteries £503 Updated 16-02-2020
Electric Motors £310 Updated 16-02-2020

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Welcome to ScrapsAway.co.uk, the largest and best website for finding scrap metal yards and scrap metal prices across the UK. Our website currently has over 685 scrap metal and scrap car yards across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our aim is to help you find not only the best prices for your scrap metal but also the best service.

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Whether you have a few kilograms of scrap metal or a few thousand tonnes, searching through ScrapsAway.co.uk is the best way to ensure that you find the best scrap metal prices available in the UK.

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Top-selling metals on the London Metal Exchange

Aluminium £1,403 Down £10.09 since last week
Copper £5,286 Down £17.24 since last week
Zinc £1,950 Down £1.82 since last week
Nickel £12,056 Up £185.39 since last week
Lead £1,375 Down £13.93 since last week
Tin £14,200 Up £83.40 since last week
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